Pay Per Head Sportsbook: How To Choose The Right Provider

Changing providers for any service is not usually an enjoyable experience. We know and understand that. Whether it’s a banking or internet provider or a real estate move, it’s a hassle. Switching PPH bookie providers is no different.

However, making the switch to the right price per head sportsbook provider can make the difference between a successful bookmaker and a failed business. The right provider will allow you to improve the service you can offer your customers with more game props, more player props, more futures and even sharper betting lines, resulting in more customers, higher wagering levels and a healthier margin.

That’s why we’ve spent countless days, weeks and months coming up with an industry-leading solution that takes the pain out of switching to Bookiepph, allowing you, the bookmaker, to offer a best-in-class service to your valued customers.

White Label Sportsbook Frontend

When you choose as your while-label sportsbook provider, your players will have access to more and sharper betting lines. As the bookie, you will get peace of mind knowing that your sportsbook is working with the sharpest line in the industry, no more grading errors and mistakes, slow grading, etc.

More and Sharper Betting Lines: Bigger Profit

The number one rule of choosing a new pay per head service provider is to take a long-term view and not to look for short-term gains. There are many providers out there that offer seemingly competitive pricing plans. However, the additional cost of this lies in a bad service to you and your customer.

For example, it’s very easy to save a buck or two in the immediate term by increasing your margin levels by reducing the price of your sports PPH sportsbook provider. But be warned, because many companies offer fewer betting lines and as time goes by, customers will start to realise they are missing out on their favourite markets and start to go elsewhere. Remember, in this business, the sharper the lines, the healthier and more profitable your business will be.

NFL 2020 Scouting Combine Betting Lines at

Betting lines such as “Margin of victory”, “Double result”, and even “Nfl 2020 Scouting Combine” are some of the lines your players will only fine when you use BookiePPH as your service provider. These are fun lines that casual bettors enjoy and that will keep them as your customers for a long time. Stop losing business and get the edge by using a serious provider today!

Some of the benefits of Bookiepph

  • Bookiepph has a greater number of betting lines than any other PPH bookie software provider on the market today.
  • At $7 per player, we offer one of the lowest “per head” fees in the industry today, without compromising on service.
  • We provide you with full reports on all the important areas that you require to make your business grow and create more profit.
  • Keeping yourself informed and thus fully in control of your business has never been simpler than it can be with Bookiepph.

Winning Service Levels

It’s such an exciting time to be involved in the betting industry. It’s booming and there are little to no barriers to entry, meaning new operators and sports pay per head website providers are popping up every single day.

Payperhad Sportsbook Management Platform at

At BookiePPH you will have access to all reports and tools needed to manage with ease your sportsbook operation.

This presents several challenges to current sportsbook PPH bookie software providers to stay competitive without compromising their margins and service. Unlike us, many providers choose to reduce their customer service levels to protect their margins. This results in a bad experience for bookmakers and lost customers through server downtime, grading mistakes and delays in resolving errors.

Cheap bookie websites providers are often very irresponsible publishing a line without sufficient monitoring for changes or protection throughout the day. That provides an opportunity for players to spot an exposed line and take advantage. Now surely protection from arbitrage is worth more than $5 per head?

Furthermore, bad grading or incorrect settlements can cause frustration amongst players, increase your customer service responsibilities and damage your reputation. Even worse, you could even lose money when a ticket has been incorrectly graded as a winner instead of a loser. Unfortunately, you won’t hear from a customer that wins in error, but you will hear from one that loses.

Bookiepph guarantees sharp lines and our service level agreement ensures absolutely no grading mistakes and no server downtime.

Giving Freedom To Your Sportsbook Brand

Aside from industry-leading back-end support, Bookiepph will allow your business to thrive with personality. You can have your own custom website name and our in-house creative team will support you by creating design assets, implementing imagery and putting your logo throughout the website.

Bringing your brand to life will ensure you stand out in a crowded market and help you acquire, retain and grow your customer base.

So How Do I Switch?

Switching is a big deal to all bookmakers, so we understand and appreciate your decision to switch to Bookiepph. Our experts are on hand 24/7 to take all of the leg work out of it, and ensure your operation continues with as little disruption as possible, making sure there’s no lost revenue.

The first step to take before switching is requesting a demo account. It’s a proven way of getting accustomed to the system before making the switch. One of our customer service reps will be able to talk to you about the interface and its functionality.

They will also talk to you about their response times, quality of service and knowledge first-hand, so you can move forward with confidence. Bookiepph are extremely fast settling new agents in; we usually estimate between 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the business to move everything over and get started.

There are two key ways to switch:

  1. You can provide screenshots of the “Player Management” screen (or whichever screen in your current online bookie service provider shows players’ usernames, passwords, weekly credit limits and max wagers). Our experts will input your customers’ data in your new system.
  2. You can provide access to your existing platform by providing a username and password. One of our experts will then import your data across to Bookiepph.

Don’t worry about any pending wagers, that’s all imported and taken care of as part of the service. Your customers will see the exact same bet they place in the new interface

Open/Pending wagers screen (

The “Open Bets / Pending” report shows you all tickets that are pending to be graded, either because the game/period hasn’t finished or is yet to start.


In such a fast-moving industry, any serious bookmaker must have a price per head sportsbook software provider with industry-leading expertise and service levels, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition.

Switching to Bookiepph guarantees your customers a wide range of markets and razor-sharp betting lines, providing excellent value and allowing you to grow your customer base and your bottom-line. Combine that with premium levels of service, support and a competitive price per head, and you’re onto a winner.

So don’t get tied up in an agreement that can’t give you the tools you need to satisfy your customers. Request a demo today and call one of our experts to start your switch.