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How Casino Games Can Help You Boost Your Sportsbook’s Revenue

Wouldn’t it be great to have an additional revenue stream when there is a lull in sports betting? Take right now for instance. The Super Bowl earlier last month means that the football season is over, and baseball season hasn’t started yet. NBA and NCAA basketball are going, but it’s the middle of a long season, and the exciting playoffs and tournaments are still a long way off.

Adding online casino gaming to your PPH sportsbook website is a great way to continue earning revenue during these sports downtimes. In this article, we will talk about many reasons why adding online casino gaming is a good idea for local bookies, some ways to customize it, and more.

Casino Blackjack table within BookiePPH Sportsbook

When using BookiePPH as your pay per head sportsbook provider, your players have access to a blackjack table right within the sportsbook interface. This is perfect to encourage casino action as the players are waiting for the games to start or just browsing the betting lines.

Why Offer Online Casino Games?

There are many reasons why offering online casino gaming is a great idea for a local bookie. One of the biggest reasons is to increase your revenue. Every bookie, even profitable ones, should be looking for additional revenue streams. Casino games are a great way to do that because the PPH sportsbook already has that ability, and there’s no added cost for you.

Another reason to offer casino gaming is that players spend money faster online than in an actual casino. With the click of a button, they get a new hand of blackjack or a new spin of the slot machine. Players can bet a considerable amount of money in just a few minutes. This is one of the reasons why online casino gaming is so popular. People’s attention span can be measured in seconds these days, and online casino gaming gives them a new chance to win every few seconds. When they lose money, it’s forgotten almost immediately. And unlike sports betting, online casino gaming is available for betting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another way it’s different than sports betting is the instant gratification. Win or lose, you know instantly with the online casino gaming. If you’re betting on a football game, for example, the result of your bet will take up to three hours.

Casino platinum at BookiePPH pay per head sportsbook

The “Casino Platinum” provides multiple games in the categories of table games (e.g.: Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Poker, etc), video poker, slot machines, keno & ziptabs.

The Link Between Online Sports Betting and Online Casino Gaming

It’s been proven that players who bet on sports are also fans of online casino games. By offering both sports betting and casino gaming, you are giving your players more reasons to stay on your website. Online casino gaming can keep your players busy during the lulls in the sports seasons. By offering online casino gaming, you ensure that they have a reason to come back to your website during downtime in their favorite sport.

Concept gaming casino interface

The “Concept gaming casino” interface provides multiple and diverse 3D slot games for your players to enjoy.

Having both sports betting and online casino gaming on your site makes it a one-stop-shop for your players. Imagine your player jumping on your website Sunday morning, makes bets on a few football games, and then sitting back to enjoy kickoff. While the game is on, he has your website open to the casino, and during commercials and halftime, he’s clicking through new hands of blackjack or new spins on the slot machine. It becomes almost second nature.

Convenience For You And Your Players

Your online casino games are available online or on mobile devices, which makes it convenient for your players to play almost anywhere. Imagine your player is sitting at the DMV waiting for his number to be called. Instead of playing some game app that he downloaded, he could be winning real money on a hand of blackjack in your online casino. There is a blackjack widget available on the homepage of your sportsbook, making it even more convenient for your players to play.

Using the mobile app or PC, players don’t need to get in their car and drive to a casino. They don’t need to have needless conversations with random strangers. These are benefits that are important to many people who live more and more of their life online. And it’s convenient for you because you can set limits on your casino to limit your exposure. You can set:

  • Daily Max Win
  • Daily Max Loss
  • Weekly Max Win
  • Weekly Max Loss

This means that if a player reaches their max win total for the day or the week, they aren’t able to play anymore until the day or week is over. Limiting max winning is a good way to limit your exposure, as we mentioned. But limiting your players’ max losses is good to do as well. If they know that they can only lose $1000 per week, they will be more loose with their bets. And when they lose, they are more likely to come back because they know their losses are limited.

No Extra Cost To You For Casino Games

Of all the reasons to add online casino gaming, this might be the best one. Because in the Pay Per Head model you pay a fee per player who visits your site, there is no additional cost for you to offer casino gaming on your sportsbook site. With the extra revenue that casino gaming will bring in, it’s a no-brainer. Online casino gaming can provide you with returns of up to 30% profit, while they average returns in the 20% range.


There’s no denying that adding online casino gaming to your PPH sportsbook website is a great idea. We showed you how it can increase your revenue by providing your players an alternative during slow times in sports betting. We talked about some of the reasons why players will be drawn to your online casino. The PPH model allows you to offer online casino games at no additional cost to you, and also allows you to customize your daily and weekly max and mins. All in all, online casino gaming is an excellent addition to your Pay Per Head model sportsbook.

Don’t delay, request your free demo account today. With your pay per head demo account, you’ll be able to log in as an agent and navigate your website just as you would as a local bookie. You will see how customizable your sportsbook can be. You can check out the casino games and test them out risk-free. Check out the blackjack and slots, and then get ready to make more money with your own PPH sportsbook, and online casino gaming.